Stay In Control

Pivotal for Golfpay delivers an improved economic picture for golf course operators, through empowerment and ease of use, to substantially increase organic referrals, while decreasing the dependence on 3rd party tee time providers.  Golfpay’s mission is to forever change how golfers book tee times, by way of technology and innovation – then handing back the control of golf course marketing over to the golf course operators.


Pivotal’s easy to use interface clearly lays out golfers who are using Golfpay’s fast check-in and payment system. The platform also tracks new acquisitions, and makes customers more loyal through a ton of other features.


Private Data Ownership

Pivotal allows golf courses to capture that valuable customer data to maintain, nurture, and monetize those relationships. This key private data ownership that other third party vendors don’t offer, increases engagement, utilizes a built-in loyalty program, thus increasing the lifetime value of your golfers.

Loyalty Program

Pivotal’s custom loyalty program can be started or cancelled with 1 or 2 clicks. You select a number of paid rounds that earns a free round, and Pivotal will do the rest. The entire platform is designed to improve retention and loyalty to your course.

Brand Extension and Direct Referrals

Pivotal has a promotion tool and referral system already built-in to our platform to promote your course and substantially increase organic referrals. Options within Pivotal allows you to add your brand image across our various mobile applications and website for exposure to many new potential customers from our family of mobile applications that have millions of downloads.

Analytics and Reporting

Pivotal’s efficient, detailed dashboard and reporting allow courses to manage customer relationships, breaks down which areas are doing well and ultimately how it affects your bottom line. Courses can see their number of referrals, brand impressions, acquisitions and more.