Golf Courses: Immersion = Conversion

January 30, 2018 - 1 minute read

Apple is coming out with a message app for business, which ties into iMessage. Countering that, Facebook is coming out with ‘Whatsapp’s’ version for business; which is app based, designed to compete with Apple.  Most consumers want to be able to message you.  Regardless of channel, whether its these two messaging products, or others in the future, Golfpay is designed to deliver its immersive experience through any messaging channel as they gain in popularity.  You need to be able to connect with consumers, WHEREVER they are.  Golfpay is an Omni Channel platform, and that means from a single interface (Golfpay Connect), you can in a matter of minutes, update all channels simultaneously, without any special technical expertise.  Did you know usage of messaging apps have now surpassed social media, and messaging is the #1 reason people use their mobile phone.  Golfpay’s immersive experience turns IMMERSION into CONVERSION.  Fill more tee times, sell more stuff!

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