Golf Industry Problems – Then & Now

February 6, 2018 - 2 minutes read

In the spring of 2015, I put togther a list of golf industry problems that I set out to solve, after spending the previous year and 1/2 studying the problems.  I rank them here, and put the Golfpay solutions in summary below each:

This basic list was put together before writing a single line of code, so it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come.

1) Mostly closed systems. This is the biggest bottleneck for golf courses.

Solution: Influence Campaigns.

2) Limited marketing budgets, relying heavily on email marketing, but courses are competing directly with 3rd parties for the same customers, with basically the same list of customers.

Solution: Created a completely mobile phone number based platform, designed to create a better, more effective foundation for golf course marketing in the future.

3) Green Fee commodification. More focus on experience is needed instead of price. Golfnow made this a “thing”.

Solution: We’ve developed amenities like mobile check-in, and a better digital experience that is immersive, and more convenient.

4) Golf course apps, are the current mobile strategy – too many friction points to be a valuable resource for attracting or acquiring more golfers.

Solution: The Golfpay golfer experience is designed to eliminate the need for an app.  Golfers can conduct all their business with golf courses via text message, and Golfpay AI, steers the customers into an immersive experience that will keep them coming back.

5) Collecting contact data on golfers. Almost no mobile phone numbers are being collected. Emails are being collected on the organizing golfer only.

Solution: We collect both mobile phone numbers, and emails, not just on the organizing golfer, but all golfers in the party.  Up to 8x the customer data!

6) Fringe golfers are leaving the game at a much higher clip.  More options for people as far as their entertainment.  Engagement tools needed.

Solution: By upgrading golf courses with technology that makes the engagement more effective over mobile devices, and creating a better booking and communication experience, we feel we’ve gone along way in bridging the gap for younger golfers, who would prefer to avoid unnecessary face to face interaction, and inconveniences, like standing in line, or calling the golf course.

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